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    Rules for creation

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    Rules for creation Empty Rules for creation

    Post by Alexis Greene on Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:42 am

    House rules, no lower than 10 Gen. Clans are limited for now to Camarilla, or Independents. NO SABBAT at this moment. You are not allowed more than 3 dots in a background without storyteller approval, and no more than 4 in any ability. Must use Freebie points to raise an ability above 3. If your not sure reach out to a storyteller.

    Bloodlines are going to be case by case basis. Everyone is starting in fledgling- neonate status. Also on case by case basis certain tough characters ie ghouls, 14th gen, 15th gen, caitiff, hunters from the masquarade, not the reckoning etc, will be gven small bonuses.

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