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    Character Creation Rules


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    Character Creation Rules

    Post by Chan on Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:03 am

    Hello Everyone welcome to Gena's Vampire Game.

    After initially contacting the game admins, an interactive character sheet will be emailed to you to fill out. Once done, email the filled out sheet to the pommedesangst email and it will be reviewed and, if approved, translated to the forum character sheet, where only you and the mods will be able to view its information.

    Character creation rules begin on page 80 of the V20 rule book and are detailed on page 84+. If you do not have a copy, please email pommedesangst at gmail dot com for assistance.

    You have an additional 25 experience points to spend.

    Please annotate on your character sheet your base dot, freebee point and experience point expenditures separately.

    There are a few house rules below that are exception solely for Pomme De Sang that deviates from normal character creation rules.

    1) You may NOT use your base dot allocation to purchase beyond the 3rd dot in Backgrounds or Disciplines.

    2) You may NOT use freebee points to purchase beyond the 4th dot on Attributes, Abilities, Disciplines, Backgrounds or Virtues. Note that costs have not been changed. See page 82 in the V20 core rule book.

    3) Pooled backgrounds: You may set aside any of you initial background point and as many freebee points as you would like for a joint pool with other characters to establish combined domains/resources/herd ext as per the rules on page 118 in the V20 book. There will be some ST modifications being made to this part, and rules may be twitched to better accommodate players and game fairness.

    4) Additional on Pooled Backgrounds: If you establish this pool, note on character sheet as Pooled and the number of points YOUR Character is personally contributing to the Pool. Then note with whom you are pooling them with. If you have more than one pooled group please note that as well.

    5) Your Character may have up to 10 points of merits, however only 5 points may be purchased with you initial Freebee points any over that must be covered by Flaws.

    6) You may take up to 10 points in flaws, However you can not gain more that 5 freebee points over what you spend on merits. This gives your character a Maximum of 20 Freebee points to work with.

    7) Please try to incorporate Physical, Mental and Psychological Merits and Flaws that your Character possesses into your backstory. Otherwise the ST staff may disallow your character having them.

    8) Merits and Flaws that are NOT allowed: Primogen/Bishop Friendship and Unbondable,

    9)  Your character may only have ONE of the following merits: Enchanted Voice, Eidetic Memory, Light Sleeper, Iron Will, Precocious, Former Ghoul, Hidden Diablerie, or Lucky

    10) The following point expenditure has been modified to the following:
    Infertile Vitae = 2 point flaw
    Eidetic Memory = 3 pt merit
    Iron Will = 5 pt merit
    Medium = 3 pt merit for characters that have necromancy as a clan discipline.

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