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    What Forum is What?

    Post by Chan on Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:11 am

    Hello Cainites! New to Pomme De Sang? Let me show you around the forums available...


    About Pomme De Sang: This forum is for some general group information, why we're here and what we're about. This is a mod locked board, meaning it's not for players to post in and is for informational purposes only.

    Rules: This is where you're at! This forum will have posts to help set the guidelines and rules for interacting with the game, administrators, and other characters. This is, again, a mod locked board and is for player information only.

    OOC Discussion: Looking for a board to post vampy pics, favorite books and media, blood-sucking playlists, jokes, drop kudos to another player, or want to see if anyone is interested in plotting with you? Look no further than the OOC Discussion forum! This board is for everyone to post in about stuff that isn't in character. However! That doesn't mean "anything goes". You may not posts ads, porn, or the taboo subjects of religion and politics (that's what your fb is for). We prefer that these topics remain World of Darkness oriented in some way, but goofiness in the face of such heavy, dark storylines is a much needed break as well.

    Also, this is not the complaints board. If you have general questions, this is a great forum to get some additional guidance, but you may not rag on another player or the game here. Email your grievances privately.

    So go on and give it a try. Just hit the New Topic and jump in!

    Introductions: Hi! Introduce your character and yourself! Read others intros and get an idea of who you're going to run into, or click for quick reference if you forget why your character shouldn't look at someone else's Nosferatu character directly (shudder).

    In Character

    Information Provided by the Story Teller: This forum is currently broken up into four sections: Who's Who in the City; Locations; Events, News, and Announcements; and the Graveyard. These sections are all locked to mod posting only and are for information that directly effects and creates the environment for players, as well as provides important information on NPCs, locations, and city wide events.

    Who's Who in the City: Who's running this show anyhow? So glad you asked! This board provides important information on prominent figures in the city, breathing and non. Any newcoming neonate worth the blood their sire spent should be asking a few questions to know whose toes to avoid and who is controlling what territories. Don't worry, it's not cowardice to know who to give ground to--it's smart survival when you're in close quarters with other predators.

    These NPCs are not open to be played, or 'modded', by regular players at this time. While it should be understood when playing that they are present at their usual haunts your character may be at, these are strictly under admin and storyteller control.

    Locations: Okay, so your character isn't at Elysium, but is in the city at large doing such and such. But where should said character be doing such and such? Look no further for ideas than here! The Locations forum will list prominent and important locals in the Springfield area and perhaps a little beyond its harboring borders. It will also describe if some locations are hard to get into or if they're open for the public. This will hopefully paint the picture where your character is seeking to grow and survive, as well as give you ideas on where to state your character is at in gameplay.

    Does your character have a new business or a haven that they host parties in often or welcome guests to? Submit your description to the game email and we'll get your location added for all to see.

    Events, News, and Announcements: Stop! Children, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down. Exactly that, people. Whether Gena is making an announcement for a game gathering, an IC summons from the Prince, or news stories that hint at gameplay for players to have their character sniff at, this is the board to pay attention to. Nothing unimportant goes here.

    It is highly suggested that players 'watch' this forum. After entering the forum, click on Forum Options in the upper right. Select "Start Watching Forum". This will provide you with a notification when someone posts in the forum.

    To edit how your receive notifications, click on your profile. Select the Notification tab. You can receive either an email or just a notification in the upper right when on the forum site. You can watch any forum in this way.

    The Graveyard: Oh, it's bound to happen. Someone's character is going to die. As in, not be a walking dead, but as in die-die permanent like. Whether your character goes out in a blaze of glory, whether the dice just decided they needed to rethink their relationship with you, or whether your character ended up in just the wrong place at the wrong time, danger abounds and we will place your character in their proper place of honor among the forever resting dead here.

    Don't be sad. Think of it as a badge of honor to have one among the fallen, then create a new character to rejoin the madness.

    The Castle (Central Elysium): This is a gameplay board, meaning, this is where players will post new topics to address what their characters are doing at the Elysium. Keep in mind that in this forum everyone can see everything that you post, and the Elysium is both well-guarded and well-watched. This is an excellent place to throw an open thread to see who you can meet and greet. Further guidelines on character play are given in the Roleplay Guidelines and RP Rules posts.

    Springfield Scenes: Is your character at large somewhere besides Elysium? Post here! You'll need to state in your topic title where your character is at. This board is also much like the Central Elysium forum in that everyone can see what your character is doing, whether it is a locked post just narrating them bumbling about their haven or an open thread of them sitting at the square eyeing the delectable mortals, so be careful with your secrets.

    What about other forums? Why, yes, there can be other forums, and invisible ones at that! The joy of these forums is that it gives the storytellers the ability to create boards particular to any group a players it is assigned to, making the gameplay forum invisible to anyone outside of that group.

    Some players may wish to request that a locked board be created for them to roleplay in with their close knit group. This is especially ideal for coteries or vampire clans/sects who share havens or have regular secret meetings. However, you should have a group of at least three players together to make such a request with an agreement between the players and the storyteller on the location's description. This can be meshed out with inclusive emails or PMs between players and moderators.

    That's it. Go forth, and familiarize yourself with Pomme De Sang of Springfield!

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