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    Roleplay Guidelines

    Post by Chan on Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:10 pm

    New to forum rp? Look no further! Here are some guidelines to help you navigate the ways of weaving story with other rpers online.


    Most rp is told in scenes, just like in any book or movie. How you carry out your scene will differ depending on the determinations below.

    Consider these before you make a post/scene/topic.

    1) What is it your character is trying to accomplish?
    2) Should it be private or public?
    3) Where is the scene taking place?
    4) When is the scene taking place?
    5) Who does the scene involve?

    Firstly, the game is pretty plot driven, and whether the drives behind what your character is doing are conniving or cooperative, you should have a clear goal for what the scene is accomplishing, whether it's showing some introspection, or what your character is conversing with another kindred about, or whether it's surviving a harrowing situation.

    Secondly, is this public or private? Will this scene give away secrets that are better found out via gameplay? Then you will probably want to submit it via PM (private message) or to the game email. Otherwise, open rp is encouraged, and it should be understood that if other players are not involved, they don't really know what is happening while still giving everyone the enjoyment of reading/viewing scenes. This is up to the players' judgement.

    Thirdly, where is the scene taking place? If it's in Elysium or some place public, there's a chance someone can find out what happened through different avenues. That can add a lot of intrigue! What people can and cannot find out is up to the storyteller though, not just other player's personal judgement. If it's in a private area, of course only members to the secure place know. If it's in PM, of course it's utterly private to you, any other players involved, and the storyteller staff.

    Fourthly, when is the scene taking place? Obviously some of us are going to be posting from different time zones, or during the day, and that obviously won't reflect the scene's posted time. So the time has to be stated.

    Finally, you need to determine if you are writing a narrative, which is just a scene involving your character alone and any close npcs, or whether it will involve other players. If the scene is open, that is an invite for anyone to jump in, but if you desire a scene between chars that you want to play out to a specific goal, go ahead and get with the other player(s) about what you want to do. If agreeable, go ahead and start a new topic for the players involved.


    1) When starting a new scene on the forums, hit new topic.
    2) You Title of the Topic MUST include the following information:
    .....a. Chars involved
    .....b. Location (if not in a location specific forum)
    .....c. Date/Time
    .....d. Closed/Open.
    3) Of course, writing of the scene or the start of it for people to reply to.

    The reason for the title topic format is simple. It gives the GMs a quick idea of what characters are played. "Where" is an evident need, especially in the general RP forum "Springfield Scenes".  The date is always needed, and a time is preferred, even if it's "early evening".

    Finally, stating whether the thread is closed or open let's other players know if they can join in. Use common sense here. If you have a goal to make a business discussion with another kindred, that's probably best kept as a closed thread, especially if you and the other player have agreed on how the scene should go. If your character is lounging around the square or Elysium and you're up to rping with anyone, state it as open. If you and another char are meeting, but don't mind if others come and join, also leave it as open.

    If other chars join the thread later, the player who posted the topic can edit to add them into the title of the topic. This just makes it easier for storytellers when dispensing experience.

    An example title would be "Joe Schmoe + Gary Contrary - Square - Feb 21, midnight - Open".
    This indicates the two chars involved, where, when, and that they're okay with others joining the thread.


    Gena GM is the ultimate decider of who gets experience for what. However, the one rule that is adamant is that if a scene takes place and is not submitted to the storyteller staff or not where the storyteller staff can view it--The scene did not happen and no experience will be dispensed for it.

    All PMs, therefore, must have ~Gena as one of the PM receivers, or you can submit scenes to the email or to the forums where storyteller staff can view it. Facebook PM and other venues that players might choose to utilize must be submitted to the storyteller staff in some way. This can't just be a "So and so and I rped this and talked about the Prince." The storyteller staff needs a copy-paste of the scene's full play, and you need to include who was involved in the rp in the submission so they can see proof the storytellers have it.

    Plotting and Story

    Vampire: the Masquerade is an intriguing game of social, political, and physical danger. It's a dark world, and your character is stuck in it, and it's hard to know who to trust. Sometimes your char might find themselves enjoying chatting philosophy at Elysium, the next they're trying to figure out who stole money from their bank account, and the next they could be running for their un-life. Your char might find camaraderie with other player's chars. Your char might be betrayed. It is a stage without a solid script, and everyone is improvising.

    That said, part of the thrill of playing is finding people who want to share plots with you. PM, email, post in the FB group, post in the OOC forum. Get people to go investigate events with yours. Network for people with chars that have skills your character doesn't have. All the while, be aware your char might not want to trust the character's information. This is part of the fun of the game. As a reminder, though, keep IC IC and OOC OOC.

    That said, you also cannot force anyone to play with you. Real life does, after all, come first, and people get busy, or it's an IC decision knowing their char has no real reason to be present/cooperate in such a scene. You might have even started a scene with them, and it didn't conclude in any way. Even if they give no reason, these things shouldn't be taken personally. Just accept and move on.


    Yes, NPCs (non-player characters) can be written into scenes, but common sense needs to be used. Of course if you write out your character feeding, an npc is going to be written in. If your character has a ghoul or other retainer, this should be something the storyteller is fully aware of and approves for use before you start writing them in (you can't just poof them from nowhere). You also can't poof some NPCs just at convenience, like your char's sire, etc. whenever your neonate is in trouble. Those are storytelling points you need to clear with the storyteller, and the storyteller can take control of any NPC at anytime.

    Dice Rolls and Scene Reversals

    Conflict happens. Sometimes the dice need to come into play. When it comes to an obvious point where roleplayers are attempting to take an action or defend against an action, the dice should roll. Get the attention of a storyteller via PM, email, or FB PM for guidance on rolls and outcome.

    If something happens in a scene where it becomes evident a roll should have been made, and the roll changes the outcome of the scene, the scene will be reversed to the point of the roll. If the scene becomes an absolute conflict with the players and storytellers, it may even be decided to reverse the entire scene as simply not happening. This is up to storyteller discretion.

    The storyteller can interrupt a scene and reverse any portion of it as needed. For example, let's say two played characters are in Elysium and start to argue. The argument goes beyond heated speaking to physical blows. However, at this point the storyteller may decide that the Keeper wouldn't have allowed it to go so far and would have stepped in before the first swing took place. Thus the scene would be reversed to that point. The storyteller will guide what actions need to take place, from just stating the change to having posts deleted that no longer apply with the reversal.

    Overall, keep in mind you are weaving story with other players. A good roleplayer plays well with others, even when their character doesn't. Be sure to have fun with it!

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