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    RP Rules for Game

    Post by Chan on Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:11 pm

    Dear fangy-playing ones. Please adhere to the rules below.

    If you cannot adhere to the rules below, you will face consequences--from a verbal warning up to being banned from the game. The Gena GM is queen over the consequences of your actions depending on the severity of said actions and is not required to give you a warning if the breach of rules is deemed worthy of an immediate dismissal from game.

    Gena would like everyone to have fun and love the entertaining aspects of the game, but if there are people who show signs that this game is causing them a great deal of stress, angst, and obsessiveness, it may be that the game is not a good fit for them. This is not said to worry dear players that they should never be taken up by the drama that is game at times, but there is a point where your happiness and health where a game is concerned may be an issue that needs addressed.

    The game, after all, is meant to be a game and be a creative, fun, and challenging endeavor. That is its utmost purpose.

    So, from the top...

    1) Thou shalt not godmode.

    Yes, yes, your kindred is a badass of the night. Congratulations. There's always a bigger monster out there. Players are started with neonates because they are not immune. A character that is invulnerable or overpowered is no fun. So take hits and injuries accordingly.

    2) Don't CC (character control), aka 'mod' others.

    Your character is playing with other characters, great! But remember, you play your char. They play their char. You don't play their char. For example, let's say your character uses presence. You do not get to type that "Your character reacts in awe and is humbled by my awesome character's presence!" Not only does this make you look like a pretentious dick, but you have no idea the other person's stats or what they might roll to resist the, erm, charming effects.

    Thus, keep in mind that actions toward other characters are attempts. You "attempt" to hit their char, but you aren't the one that determines if that fist connects. That's going to come down to what they agree to and the roll of the dice. Play it safe, and when in doubt or if their reaction will have a large effect on your chars next actions, get with them in PM and simply ask.

    3) Porn is prohibited.

    Yes, this is a mature game. Adult themes, including gore and sex, are going to turn up. These are oft alluring beasties who chug others bodily fluids, after all. However, Forumotions, the hosting site, strictly forbids porn. To play it safe, that also means your smut and pwp does not belong on the forums. Exchange that in emails with each other if you wish, but not here. Or the easiest means? Draw the curtain at a certain point and leave things to the readers' imaginations.

    4) Abuse is not tolerated.

    You will not insult, berate, call people names, or any other immature reaction without suffering consequences. If you have grievances, email the storytellers. If you pick fights with people, you will be dismissed. We're here to have fun. Trolls and game wreckers shall be removed.

    5) Do not be butthurt.

    Drama happens. But an attack on your character is not an attack on you.

    Gameplay is going to cause conflict between characters. Your characters will face dangerous situations and may even die. V:tM, by its very nature, is a game of dark plot, environment, and player versus player (though we do love to see when the living dead form strong alliances with each other, too). In fact, if an unlucky character is caught in their schemes, the consequences in game can be thrilling, and if they pull them off, they will often be quietly lauded by their elders in game and applauded openly out of character for well-executed cleverness.

    Truly, this is what we're here for. We're here for the story and plot, the characters and conflict. We are NOT here, however, to take it personally. After all, when reading a tale, we do not curse the writer if something bad happens to our favorite characters (well, unless it's George R. R. Martin). We are here because it makes things interesting.

    So do not despair when the dastardly befalls your character. Get creative.

    6) Keep IC IC and OOC OOC.

    No, truly. This causes a great deal of contention in games and has no place here. If your character does not know something--have them behave as such even if you know something. This is what often separates mediocre roleplayers and great roleplayers--the art of keeping their character in character, despite. Yes, even in a horror game ("No, don't go in the woods! ... dammit. They're going into the woods.")

    On the same token, do not take such things personally. Do not use ooc information against another player in game. Maturity is expected, and really, your character's misfortunate is not losing. Losing in this game would be having a fit about it. That is when there is a sorry loss all around.

    7) Real life comes first.

    You will not be penalized for not being able to play because you feel unwell, are working overtime, etc. Just let the Gena know if you need to be absent for a while and she'll find a way to excuse why your character not being about as needed.

    Thank you, and have fun, beasties!

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